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Welcome to admore designs

Welcome to our website. You new home, house alteration or commercial building work may be your biggest investment, so don’t settle for a design that is not 100% suited to you. You are not being too difficult, It is not time consuming and it doesn't have to cost you the earth, so don't resign yourself to throwing the idea of having a design that meets or exceeds your expectations into the too hard basket.  Designs need to work for you and your unique lifestyle choices.

Everyone has different tastes, styles, needs and wants,  so when you engage AdMore Designs to create a design you are obtaining a design that reflects your unique characteristics and is designed specifically for your lifestyle needs and wants. 

AdMore Designs believe our clients are at the centre of the design process, So we take an active roll in discovering and listening to both your likes and dislikes, understanding your way of life, the way you live and how you relate to other spaces within your interior and exterior environment.  We try and always visit your building site/location to see how the it relates to views, weather, existing features, neighbouring property and will offer up ideas options and design solutions for your consideration.  We welcome and incorporate your feedback into our new house designs or alteration work so the end result is ideally suited to your individual needs, wants & dreams hence no two designs are exactly the same as no two families are the same.  We have carried out over 400 designs for new homes and alterations to homes during commencing business with over 100 commercial projects completed.


  • Floor plan design,
  • Eco friendly design,
  • Spacial design,
  • Creative exterior designs,.
  • 3D virtual models,
  • Moble friendly walk thru,
  • Building Consent docs.
  • Tender docs
  • Builder selection advice
  • Project management
  • Contract administration
  • Custom designs
  • Standard designs available
  • Fire Design
  • Commercial & Residential

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